New Product - Face Shields 2020-05-18
Posted: Monday, May 18, 2020 5:12:07 PM
Hi there Designers!

I am SUPER excited about our latest product that Zazzle just launched. These face shields offer a variety of printing processes that should really get your creative juices flowing. Plus we created some brand new technology to enable even more design flexibility by letting you set your own white underbase layer so you can play with the transparency of the design.


Example Product Used In Documentation Below

Fun Astronaut Custom Color Cartoon Spaceman Face Shield

If you are as amazed as I am about this fantastic new product offering you will want to go design on it right away! Please take a moment and read on as this information is important both regarding policies but also on some design guidance.

Approval Process Required
As you all know, Zazzle is a platform designed to foster positive creativity first and foremost. We recognize that at a time when the world is on high alert in regards to COVID-19, we don’t want to heighten those fears by allowing designs that spread disinformation or make light of the situation.

Zazzle has provided these new face shields to support our communities and we will be robust in our efforts to make sure the content published reflects that support. Face shields that are submitted to Post For Sale will go through a review process before being available on the website. We will be prioritizing the face shields over other products so that we can fill up the category quickly.

Additional Guidelines for Masks and Shields
We recently posted additional guidelines for face masks. In general any claim to levels of safety or protection will cause the submission to be rejected. You need to leave that up to us to cover in our description of the product. Designs that support the medical professionals are ok to make, but avoid the word "medical" and other words discussed in that article. We can't provide a full list of words as it evolves, but use common sense.

Do Not Block Vision
With the new process “Advanced Opaque Design: Manual White Underbase” we are giving you, our trusted Designers, complete control as to where you place the white underlayer. However with great power comes great responsibility so if you create a design that has the eyesight blocked, it will be rejected out of safety reasons. Note: you can put colored ink over the eye area as the ink is transparent, we just can’t have too much of the white covering where a person’s eyesight would look out from behind the face shield. Use the process "Automatic Opaque Design – White Underbase" for an idea of what area needs to be transparent.

Designer Royalty
Similar to Zazzle Heart products, these products will be limited to a 5% designer Royalty. Zazzle brought this product to market in order to support our communities in a time of need. We appreciate your willingness to support this effort by providing your designs at a Royalty rate that will allow the maximum number of people to afford them.

Keyword Best Practices
Don’t forget that titles, tags, and descriptions are of utmost importance. As I like to say “Words may bring the eyeballs, but design sells the product.” So, if you don’t have the right keywords in your titles and tags, your design might never find the customers to enchant! If you feel rusty, head on over to our help section article Title, Description & Tagging Best Practices for a refresher.

Designing on Shields
Go ahead and play around with the product displayed at the top of this page. You should notice that different configurations of the design elements combined with the different print processes can create some very interesting designs. I used SVG elements in the example above so you could play with how colors work with and without the white underbase.

  • Process: Partial Transparent Design – No Underbase
    When you design with this process, white will be removed from your design and all colors will be partially transparent.

  • Process: Automatic Opaque Design – White Underbase
    This process has a pre-designed white underbase layer applied wherever there is a visible design element in your design, excluding a pre-determined cutout designed to allow the customer to see.

    When I selected this process I noticed that the blue area which was supposed to be the astronaut helmet glass suddenly became non-transparent.

    If I want to take advantage of the white underbase with this process using this design, all I need to do is turn off the blue element.

  • Process: Advanced Opaque Design – Manual White Underbase
    This process can be used to make some really wonderful designs, but it does require some advanced techniques. When you select this process, a new design area is exposed – Front:White Underbase.
    In this design area you are able to define exactly where you would like white ink to be printed which does two things. 1) The color ink will no longer be transparent where there is a white underbase and 2) your colors will be much brighter where there is white underbase.

    Notice in this image how I have created a design element that is a duplicate of my design in the Front: Image and Text design area except that all colors are white. This is important: any elements in the Front:White Underbase need to be pure white for them to be printed.

  • Alignment
    If you want to make it easier to align your elements in the Front:White Underbase layer I recommend placing them in the Front: Images and Text layer first so you can size and position them perfectly. Once they are sized and positioned just right, select the elements you want for the Front:White Underbase layer and click Edit > Copy, select the Front:White Underbase layer and then click on Edit>Paste. They should be placed in the same position they were in the previous design area. Don’t forget to look at the zoomed in product images to double check the effect is what you want.

  • Template Text Objects
    If you are going to use template text objects in conjunction with this advanced process you will need to ensure both the Front:Images and Text design area and Front:White Underbase design areas have the same template text and font in both layers. PLUS you should make sure you use the same URL parameter name so that when a customer personalizes the text, both design areas display the changes.

    Here is an example of template text without a white underbase. Notice how the yellow color is transparent.

    If you copy the text from the Front:Images and Text layer and paste it into the Front:White Underbase layer, you can see in this example the font is much more bright. If you use the same URL parameter names the text inboth design areas will change at the same time if the customer personalizes the product.

  • Using Filters
    The example design is using an element in the Front:White Underbase design area that is completely white. What can you do if you are using a design element that may have colors other than white?

    You can use our filter options to transform a colored, rasterized image into a white image. Place an image in the Front:White Underbase design area and then click on Filters in the context menu on the right. In this example I was able to transform a dark grey “Your Logo” design into a white element that will be recognized as something that should have a white underbase.

    Now, the filter may not transform a colored image into exactly the white underbase layer you need to complete your envisioned design, but it can often help so give it a try and if it does not work, then you will need to do some editing outside of our design tool in order to create the effect you desire.

    Note: It will take some time for the product to show up in the create your own section, so use the link at the top of this article to start designing

    Good luck and have fun with this exciting new product!

    The Z Team

  • Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 2:03:57 PM
    Hello Designers,

    We have launched a new kids size on the face shield product.

    The adult size has dimensions of 8.7" height x 12.2" width when unfolded.
    The kids size has dimensions of 7.8” height x 10.9” width when unfolded.

    Happy designing!

    James C
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