New product announcement- Paper cups 🥤- 8.6.21
Posted: Friday, August 6, 2021 6:42:21 AM
Hi Designers,

We're super excited to announce a New product to our Marketplace. Paper cups! ( There have been lots of events moving outside as of late and we think these will be a home run with lots of friends and families gatherings in the great outdoors. How cool would it be to be sipping your hot chocolate/tea/coffee from a cup that you could have paired with a matching napkin or paper plate? The possibilities are endless!

Key features:
-These will be 8 oz in size. (but we plan to launch larger cups too in the near future!)
-Minimum order Quantity for these is 8, but after that first set of 8, you can purchase the cups in single increments ( 9, 10, 11, etc.)
-There is an optional To-Go Lid that you can add to your purchase for those last minute dashes to the market and have a coffee to go, from home!
-Suitable for hot and cold beverages and FDA approved for food contact and safety.

Happy Designing!

The Z Team.
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