New Feature - Image Masking 2020-09-09
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 1:58:03 PM
Hello Designers,

I am very happy to announce a new, and very powerful, tool for you to use in your designing: Image masking.

You can now use a simple shape, Zazzle icon, or your own .svg file as a mask for an image. We believe this will really elevate our products with template images. Now you will be able to create a fancy frame that will gracefully mask out the part of the image that is outside of the frame. We are very excited to see how you use the tool and what unforeseen and fun uses you can dream up.

Here is how it works.

In the following design there is a rectangular image of a baby. The image should be round though as this is a round pillow. To apply a round mask you select shape (or icon or your own .svg) while also selecting an image and then click on the mask button.

Once applied, as you can see below, the image is now masked to the circle shape.

If you set up the photo as a template, which is always recommended, the mask will be applied to the photo the user uploads.

Note: The masking tool works best with non-complex shapes and some of the Zazzle icons or .svgs you upload will not work so well and inside portions of the icon or .svg may show as transparent. Generally speaking a shape with a contiguous fill area will work best.

The Z Team.
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