New FanMerch Store: Ford
Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 9:45:38 AM
Hello Designers!

FanMerch is a collaborative creation program where Zazzle designers can create and sell designs inspired by top brands.

We’re so excited to announce the newest addition to our FanMerch program: FORD

The Ford brand name is an American classic, and we are honored to partner up with them so that our designers can create meaningful and unique designs that are inspired by the Ford Brands. When you submit your original design to our FanMerch program, it will be included in and promoted with our official store, with direct attribution to you as the Designer.

Please bear in mind that FanMerch is a little different process than publishing products directly to your own stores. Here’s how you can be a part it:

• It is VERY important that you read our Ford Rules and Regulations in full detail before you begin – Ford FanMerch designs must utilize only permitted brands and vehicles, so please pay close attention to our list of excluded Brands.

• Submit your original artwork by using the FanMerch Design Tool located here.

• Design on one of the approved products listed here.

• Tag your products with “FORDFANMERCH”.

• If you already have Ford designs in your stores, you must re-post your products with the tag “FORDFANMERCH” to be included in the FanMerch store. You will have until Monday, August 1st to make the transition. After that, all Ford designs and/or tags that are not in compliance with our guidelines will be removed from the marketplace.

• Set your Royalty Rate at 10%.
Please Note: Royalty Rates will be re-set to 10% if they are found to be above the allowable rate for FanMerch.

• Products that are submitted may or may not be approved. Please do not attempt to submit a product with no relevance to Ford. Zazzle reserves the right to delete any product that does not bear relevance to the brand.

• Ford marks and logos will not be made available for download

Thank you all again for your hard work! We can’t wait to see your Ford inspired designs!

Happy designing!


Posted: Monday, July 18, 2016 10:19:12 AM
Hi Designers,

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their designs to our Ford FanMerch Store! We’re still working on reviewing submissions for this collaborative Zazzle store and encourage you to participate if you haven’t already.

As a reminder, if you have designs or products in your own store that reference the Ford brand you MUST submit them to the Ford FanMerch program. Please note that any products that are not submitted will be removed from the site entirely after Monday, August 1st. Refer to the Rules and Regulations before you submit to insure that your products are approved and posted for sale.

Thank you!

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