Improvements to Marketplace Search on Zazzle
Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2015 4:02:15 PM
Hello Zazzlers,

We hope 2015 is off to a great start for all of our Designers!

We wanted to let you know about improvements that we are soon making to our marketplace search on Zazzle. Our goal is to make it even easier for customers to find fresh, high quality designs. Next week, we’re making changes such that products which have never been sold and that have received 0 page views during the past 6 months (including having no views by the Designer) will no longer appear in marketplace search results on Zazzle. The product will still be available on Zazzle and appear in your store. We’re making this change in order to better improve Zazzle’s rankings overall on search engines – as search engines such as Google drive a lot of traffic to Zazzle - to help all designers benefit in the long-run.

There is no action required on your part. If you’d like to take this opportunity to review the products in your store, it could be worthwhile to update the tags and meta-descriptions for some less popular designs. Here is a detailed Q&A.

When is this change going into effect?

This change will take place in the next week. We’ll post again once it’s live.

What products will be affected?

Only those products which have existed on the site for more than 6 months and in that time have not sold and have received 0 product page views, including by the Designer of the product, will be affected. Any products which have had at least one sale will always appear in marketplace search, and will not be affected.

What will happen to these products?

Products which have never been sold and which have 0 views after 6 months will no longer appear in the search results pages when searches are made from the main marketplace page of or its international domains. These products will still be live on our site, will still exist and appear as usual within the Designer’s store, and will still be fully searchable via outside search engines such as Google.

How will this affect products published via the Quick Create tool?

Products which were published to the site via our Quick Create tool will be considered as individual products with regard to product views. Products like this which have the “grouping” feature in our search results will maintain this feature; e.g. if one product from the Quick Create batch has had at least 1 view in 6 months and thus is visible in marketplace search, a customer will still be able to hover over the product and click “view on X products” to easily view all products from your store with that design, even if they were initially excluded from marketplace search.

How can I see how many views my products have received?

To get a better idea of which of your products may be affected by this change, you can see each product’s number of views in your account. Navigate to your “My Products” page by either clicking on the “Products” tab from your main account page, or by hovering over your profile icon at the top of the page and clicking on “Products” from the fly-out menu.

On your “My Products” page, click on the Sort drop-down menu and choose “Most Views (all)”. This will show you your most viewed products first, with the specific number of views visible beneath each product title.

What can I do to keep my products “fresh” and visible in marketplace search?

1. Think SEO: Update your titles, tags, and descriptions. Have you noticed a large portion of your store’s designs are not getting views or sales? It could be your metadata! Take a second look at your titles, tags, and descriptions and spruce them up to help customers find your products more easily. This will not only help customers find and view your new products both on Zazzle and via outside search engines, but making these updates to existing products will be seen as a “view” for your product. All of these things will help you, help customers, and help your products continue appearing in marketplace search. Find more handy SEO tips in our Associate Handbook.

2. Get social: Put your referral ID to work and get your links out there. Any products that don’t appear in marketplace search after 6 months with no sales or views are still live on our site, and in your stores! We still encourage you to promote these products outside our site, such as on social sites like Pinterest and Polyvore or your own blog.

3. View your views: Keep an eye on how your products are doing. Find out which of your products are seeing traffic as well as sales to get a better idea of where you can and should focus your store. Maybe one of your designs is selling well on phone cases, but no pillows of the same design have ever been viewed. This is a great opportunity for a little housekeeping for your products and stores.



Posted: Friday, January 23, 2015 5:05:49 PM
Hello everyone,

Our new marketplace search is now being implemented, and will be applied over all search terms in the next few hours.

Thanks to everyone for the great discussion and feedback here in the forums; we will be sure to post any updates should we have more information to share regarding this change.


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