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Posted: Thursday, June 06, 2013 10:28:08 AM
Hello Zazzlers,

We are emailing all sellers today with some very important updates to our platform. We will be here to answer all of your questions tomorrow during the Town Hall.

Thank you,
The Zazzle Team

Zazzle is making changes that aim to increase traffic and sales for the entire Zazzle community.

Volume Bonus becomes Associate Volume Bonus

We're committed to providing strong incentives to all Zazzle community members to encourage each person to put in the extra effort in generating more awareness for products on Zazzle. With that in mind, starting July 1st, the current volume bonus structure will be transitioned to a Zazzle Associate Bonus Program. You can make money by referring customers to Zazzle. We believe that this new program will align the Zazzle community around generating the most revenue from referred traffic. As a Zazzle Seller you are already enrolled in this new program! We will also host a Zazzle Town Hall on Friday with questions and comments.

More Flexible Royalty Rate

Starting early next week, we will change the standard royalty rate on newly published products to a new lowered threshold of 5%. This will give you additional flexibility in creating pricing that is consistent with your product promotional strategy. You will continue to have complete flexibility in naming your own royalty and the royalty rates you have already set will not be changed. All of your published products will continue to have the same royalty rate that you previously selected.

Stay Tuned

Zazzle is a community which consists of talented artists, designers, Sellers, and Associates like you. We are a thriving market today because all of our members and as always we are making changes to ensure growth for everyone. We're excited to be sharing the work we've been doing behind the scenes to increase traffic and sales for all of our community. Are you as obsessed with mobile as we are? Great things are ahead with more news to come.


1. What changes are you making to the earnings program?

a. Transforming the volume bonus to a traffic driven Associate volume bonus

i. Our intent is to reward driving a large amount of traffic to the site

2. When do these changes go live on the site?

a. The standard royalty will be live on the site on June 11th, 2013.

b. The new volume bonus structure will be live on July 1st, 2013.


3. How will this impact my earnings?

a. Most Sellers will not see a difference at all. In fact, some Sellers may see an increase in royalties due to new pricing that will go live with the 5% royalty changes on June 11th.

b. All referred sales will still earn a volume bonus. Although you won’t receive a bonus for sales you do not refer, we are aiming to increase your overall earnings by increasing traffic.

4. What sales qualify for the new volume bonus structure?

a. All referred sales (tracked with your RF code) will qualify towards your volume bonus

5. Why did you change the bonus tiers?

a. In building for future growth, these new volume bonus tiers ensure that we can build the tools and programs necessary to drive towards aggressive growth for the Zazzle and the community that supports Zazzle. We believe these new tiers will ready the community and Zazzle to be partners in explosive future growth.

6. Will my product have to be 5% in order to be featured?

a. At this time Zazzle will continue to promote products at 15% or below. For special marketing programs Zazzle may reach out to individual Sellers to lower a royalty on a product here or there.


7. How does the 5% royalty model work?

a. It works exactly the same way as the current system. The “Name your own Royalty” stays the same. The lowest percentage available for you to select will now be 5% (formerly 10%).

8. How will these changes affect my current products?

a. Royalty rate for all your existing products will not change. You will need to make updates to existing products to change the rate – these will be updated as part of the normal monthly cycle

9. If I have set my default royalty rate to a certain %, what will happen to them?

a. They will not change

10. Will the 5% change affect prices of my products?

a. This change will have a slight (~5% increase) on all marketplace prices. To ensure your products are priced competitively, we recommend you review the pricing of your most popular products on or after June 12th. If you choose not to adjust your royalties, you will see a per product increase in earnings on the same products with the same royalty due to the pricing increase.

11. Do we have to lower our royalties to 5%?

a. No

Posted: Friday, June 14, 2013 6:28:52 PM
Top 10 Questions from Forum Town Hall

We are listening. Thank you everyone for taking the time to give us your feedback and ask your questions.

We believe that Zazzle has the best earnings program out there. We provide a “name your own royalty” program, bonuses on referring traffic, a large selection of products (that is always growing), and a strong community of fellow Zazzlers.

We wish we could have gotten back to each of you individually. We’ve read through every single question and summarized the top questions based on the number of you who asked slight variations of similar questions. Questions and answers are below.

Thank you,
The Zazzle Team

10. Do I need to worry about Zazzle’s business?

A. No! Zazzle currently has more than 30 million unique visitors each month - and growing. Zazzle’s growth – and your growth as a seller - will continue in the long-run.

9. Does Zazzle still care about sellers?

A. Zazzle is a community and everyone plays their part. We value all of the people who make it successful – sellers, associates, employees, and brand partners. Associates drive traffic, designers create beautiful products, and each contribution is important. We believe that this new program will align the Zazzle community around generating the most revenue from referred traffic. We understand this change may have made sellers feel less valuable but that is not our intent. The current program has been in place for 5+ years and has been wonderful during that time. Zazzle is looking many years into the future and thus we have made necessary changes to the program but that does not mean we value our sellers any less.

8. Can you tell us more about how Zazzle plans to grow and expand in the future?

A. We are really excited for the future of Zazzle – there is so much in the works but we can’t spill the beans yet. Zazzle is looking to the future and focused on long-term growth that will help everyone grow their business and make more money in the long-run – not just a few months from now, but also 5 years and 10 years down the line.

7. Do you have plans to make it easier for us to update our royalties? It’s very time-consuming!

A. We’ve heard that feedback from many of you – it would be very useful to make it easier to adjust royalty rates. We’ll definitely look into it and agree it’s a good idea.

6. Do you plan to create any new incentives for Zazzle – such as a Zazzle credit for $20 if you sell $1000 worth of products, so we could buy shirts or stickers?

A. That is an excellent idea. Sounds like you’re talking about perks or rewards– that could be a fun way to retain sellers and make you even happier while also helping you grow your business. We’re working on fun and impactful ways to help support you in your marketing efforts. Keep the ideas coming our way.

5. Do you plan to help us learn more about Marketing by developing tips and tricks that you can share with us? Many of us want to do more to promote our stores but don’t know where to begin.

A. You are reading our minds. We would like to build a program that would help sellers grow their business – tips on social media, advice on marketing, everything from Pinterest to local art fairs. There are thousands of you, so we want to figure out a way that is scalable to reach and help as many of you as possible.

4. How do I get started as an Associate?

A. We are super excited to help sellers get more familiar with the Associate program so that they can learn about how to make money by driving traffic to Zazzle. We know that the Associate program is a great way to increase traffic not just to your own products but every product on Zazzle. We’re eager to help folks get started who aren’t already making money from the Associate Volume Bonus.

3. How do I keep track of all of the new product releases?

A. We’re proud of the fact that we continues to add new product breadth faster than any competitors - taking your designs into new market categories. We’ve got a lot of great new launches and products coming soon but we can’t spill the beans right now. You can always catch up on the ones you missed – for example, here is a blog post with recent product additions from last year in case you missed any - more recently we just launched new kids apparel – a lot of great new styles.

2. Do I need to set my royalty rate to 5% for all of my products?

A. We want you to create products and stores at a variety of price points. Of course it depends on the types of products and designs that you sell, but for example, having one store with one royalty rate, another store with another could be a good way for you to reach the largest number of consumers. In general, we want to make sure that we’re reaching all kinds of customers from those that are more price-sensitive and thus prefer lower priced items to those that may be more willing to spend money on a product.

1. What is the best royalty rate to use if I want Zazzle to promote my products? How would it work for my products to be included in special promotions (e.g., Groupon) in the future?

A. Zazzle shows all products in the marketplace regardless of royalty selection. Royalty along with a myriad of additional components are taken into consideration for the market placement of products.
Zazzle is working to increase overall sales thus increasing the sales volume for sellers. At this time Zazzle will continue to promote products at 15% or below. For special marketing programs Zazzle may reach out to individual sellers. Groupon deals are uniquely designed to bring new customers to the Zazzle site; it is a promotion paid for by Zazzle and as such will always have different rules and restrictions.
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