Fostering Positivity
Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 12:26:34 PM
Hi Designers,

This forum was put into place to let you ask and answer questions of each other, to ask questions of Zazzle and to build community. Unfortunately, we're hearing from many of you that you no longer want to come on the forums due to the negativity of some. We, in our capacity as forum moderators, would like to turn that around. Again, this should be a space where we help each other and build one another up. From now on, if we think a conversation is spiraling out of control with no worthwhile outcome, we're going to either lock or delete the thread. We hope you understand our stance on this. We look forward to once again making this a place where good dialogues are had and that help foster your best work yet.

Thank you,

Christine and Finbarr
Posted: Friday, April 20, 2018 9:35:45 AM
Hi Designers,
We do try and foster positivity in the forum, but, as you know, sometimes things can go completely ‘kaflooey.’ For those of you that have stopped wanting to post here due to certain negative responses you’ve gotten, we’ve come up with a plan we’d like to try.
If you have something to share, have a point to be made or feel that something has gotten completely out of control on the forum and fear a backlash, please write us at We will absolutely read what you have to say and, if we feel it should be put out into the design community for further discussion, we will post it (minus your name) and solicit responses and you won’t feel ‘the heat’ of it. We may not answer those emails directly, but know that they’ve been read, passed on to others for consideration within the company or added to the forum for discussion. We want everyone heard within our community, not just the regulars who appear on the forum every day.
As for those of you that bring a ‘less-than-positive attitude’ to your responses on the forum, well.... please remember that words matter. We’re all human beings. You’re all working hard at designing and being successful on Zazzle. Those of us that work at Zazzle do it because we love it and want it to be successful too. We’re all on the same side. This is not a place for bullying. Let’s all reach for the greater good and be kind to one another. 
Again, we thank you for all you do!
Best regards,
Susan, a member of the Z Team
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