Faux Veneer Messaging
Posted: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 3:06:24 PM
We want you to know about a new feature we’ll be releasing very soon. If all goes according to plan, next week we’ll begin displaying a notification on designs that utilize a faux veneer like foil, metal, wood, rhinestones, glitter and so on. Our customers have a hard time seeing that the product is not made with these materials, but rather a photo/image of it. Because of this, it’s created unhappy customer experiences and a high rate of returns for these types of designs.

The above is an example of how the messaging will be displayed on the product page. In the next several weeks we will be going through the site and adding more messaging to different products that may cause similar customer confusion. This feature we’re adding will help customers better understand the aspects of design vs. the product.

Happy Designing!
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