Face Masks got an Upgrade + Kids!!
Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2020 11:36:47 AM
Great news, the Face Masks have been updated and upgraded!

Now Including: Two different masks sizes - Adults AND Kids

Design Request:
New Designs: We would love to see more Kid Friendly mask designs now that we have an official Kid sized mask.

Existing Designs: If your designs are specific for youth/kids please edit the product option to the youth size.

Don’t forget to set your product merchandising to ‘This style only’ if the content is intended only for kids or only for adults.

Other Improvements!
  • Now including rubber tensioners to adjust the size of the elastic ear loops
  • The new masks now have a comfortable wire insert for the nose to avoid glasses fog.
  • The inserted wires have stoppers so that the wire doesn’t get lost in the laundry.
  • Make time has been lowered to 5 days.

    Youth Face Mask with Filter Slot

    Note: The adult size images are not yet updated to reflect the tensioners or the nose wire. That will be done soon.

    Happy Designing!

  • Posted: Friday, November 13, 2020 11:22:41 AM

    We recently launched updated visualizations for the improved face masks that better shows the improvements in design, ear loops, tensioners and adjustable wires.

    James C
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