Designer Announcement About Cancelled and Late Orders 2020-06-11
Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2020 1:44:10 PM
Dear Designers,

During these past few months, we’ve gone through many changes as individuals, as communities and as countries.

As a business, Zazzle adapted quickly to the shift in consumer demand by launching and making new product types, finding new shipping partners and manufacturers, optimizing our site to address these changes, and much more.

Unfortunately, with these changes have come some challenges. In particular, we’ve experienced delays in production and shipping times coupled with obstacles in quality control combined with supply chain disruptions. These challenges have impacted several high-demand products, in particular our face mask and puzzle product types.

The following is a recap of the specific challenges for those two product types that we have shared directly with those impacted:

Face masks: What happened

Each face mask is made on demand and with care in our manufacturing facilities. We’ve been faced with the harsh realities of safely reviving our manufacturing and ensuring our teams are safe and able to continue working while following social distancing rules.

No matter how much planning and elbow grease we have put into the process of making these face masks, we are experiencing delays ­– whether it's the additional time needed for safe conditions, or with our shipping partners getting the raw materials to us.

Puzzles: What happened

Our longtime puzzle manufacturer was severely impacted as a result of COVID. The factory was shut down for several weeks, and upon re-opening, its daily capacity was significantly reduced due to the implementation of the required safety measures.

During this period, we also tried several different fulfillment alternatives but the quality of the puzzles from other facilities was not up to Zazzle standards, and not something we would be proud of delivering to our valued customers.

All this occurred at a time where we experienced an unprecedented volume of puzzle orders, which made the situation even more challenging.

Both of these product manufacturing issues have resulted in longer than usual wait times for our Customer Care lines. This, in turn, has resulted in an overflow of customers asking you, our Designers, for assistance. We appreciate your patience and support as we get caught up.

Due to these challenges, and with our Customers’ best possible experience in mind, we had to make some tough decisions and offer to our Customers the ability to easily cancel their orders that were not up to our standards on shipping time or quality. If you are a face mask or puzzle Designer, you may see a higher than normal number of cancellations come through in the next few days and we truly apologize for that.

Please know that we are deeply committed to gaining the trust back of our Customer and Designer community and are working tirelessly to increase production and find new fulfilment and shipping partners.

In the next few weeks, you will notice that our in and out of stock product list will be very fluid as we shift our production efforts to product types that have the potential of experiencing delays. We hope that this change, along with many others, will make us more adaptable and allow us to bounce back quickly and thrive even more in the future.

We understand the concerns overcoming these challenges presents to you, our valued Designers, and to our extended Customer community. This has not been easy, however, we’re confident that we’re working to overcome the challenges the pandemic has presented and to put measures in place to learn and grow from these events.

With gratitude for your support,

The Zazzle Team
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