Curved Text, Kerning and More! New Tool is LIVE!
Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 11:31:35 AM
Hi Designers!

Here’s an update on what’s happening with the new design tool.

This new tool is now live for most products on Zazzle!

You’ll have the ability to opt-out of this experience for the holidays. If you had previously opted-out of the new product page experience, you’ll remain opted-out; likewise, if you had previously opted-in, you’ll remain opted-in. To change whether you're opted in or out, make certain that you’re logged into Zazzle and go to your ‘Settings’ tab. Click on Zazzle Labs in the left-hand column and there you will see where to turn on or off the new product page experience.

For all of you designers who have been part of our previous beta testing, here is what’s new:

(A) You can now arbitrarily rotate objects.
(B) There’s a guide to help with keyboard shortcuts.
(C) The centering guidelines are now red instead of gray.
(D) We’ve added a few instructional tooltips on the spacing and alignment features.
(E) Kerning
(F) Curved Text

Also, we listened to your feedback and we’re bringing back the following:

(G) The directional pad
(H) The image scale (+/-) buttons

If you have feedback, feel free to send us an email at We’ll be continuing to make updates to the new tool set as we go forward.

Best regards,

Z Team
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