Black Lives Matter Content Policy 2020-06-05
Posted: Friday, June 5, 2020 11:29:38 AM
Updated: July 2,2020

To add additional elucidation to our statement below, we have made additions for clarification.

Zazzle is an open marketplace but our policies are crystal clear – we do not tolerate or accept hate.

We are taking racial matters and related discussions in support of Black Americans and People of Color as a top priority. We are a platform that allows opposing viewpoints to be represented, including political views, but we draw the line at, and will not tolerate, expressions that suggest violence or use hate speech. We evaluate these decisions as they come up within the immediate context of the world at large – acknowledging that language, imagery and symbols are contextual and evolving rapidly.

As just one example, the term “All Lives Matter” is now being used in opposition against Black Lives Matter. Some who haven’t followed the public discourse as closely might be confused or surprised by this. Because, of course, through purely a definitional lens, every human life matters. That is self-evident and goes without saying. However, through a contextual lens currently in the United States, this phrase has unfortunately devolved into a rallying cry intended to belittle the existence of systemic racism. And it has been weaponized by many to negate the progress toward eliminating racial injustice and violence for which the utterance of "Black Lives Matter" begs, which is unacceptable.

We are supportive of the objectives of Black Lives Matter in ending systemic racism within our society AND we are supportive of law enforcement and our first responders. We also allow for opposing political voices on our site. But we will not allow support to be done in a way given the context of today that can reasonably be viewed as racially discriminatory

At this moment in time, we are allowing Black Lives Matter and no longer allowing content, including language, tags, and imagery, that plays on the Lives Matter term. Regardless of intent, we believe any content choices playing off this phrase are unintentionally negating the impact of the current movement towards ending systemic racism towards Black Americans and People of Color within the US and elsewhere. We do allow merchandise that expresses support for police officers/law enforcement and other first responders using other phrasing that meets our guidelines.

We understand this may be disappointing to some who use our site to express their creativity and personal viewpoints, but we have no doubt our talented design community can and will rise to the occasion with creativity and heart.

Our commitment to the integrity of our platform is unwavering. We employ technologies and teams around the world dedicated to ensure the integrity of our site, but you can also help by ensuring that you are considering and acting in accordance with these decisions.

Thank you for your continued efforts

Zazzle Team
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