Announcing Paper Product Updates 📃
Posted: Thursday, May 6, 2021 5:13:14 AM
Hi Designers!

Announcing Paper Product Updates!

We have recently upgraded some of our best selling paper products! The updated paper products that will come out the other side of this large and complex effort will look better, provide more options for our customers, provide more options for our designers, increase the awareness of our brand, and improve the actual quality of our printing on paper. What does this mean? It means that most paper product types will be gaining some new options, such as optional envelope additions and high-definition printing, updated photography, expanded design areas, and optional Zazzle branded Designer Attribution.

The following paper products are included in this project:
Profile cards
Table cards
Magnetic invitations
Magnetic profile cards
Folded cards
Folded business cards
Folded place cards

Some of these products, like the invitations, have already been upgraded and are showing the new views and features, while others will be updated in the following weeks. While our teams are constantly monitoring this migration process, we still want to hear from you! If you are seeing any issues with these products, please let us know at

One great new feature we are including on a few updated products is branded Designer Attribution. What is Zazzle branded Designer Attribution, you might ask? This new feature will credit your store on the back of certain paper product types you design. This new feature is available on invitation, letterhead, and stationery product types and you can enable it on your current designs through the following steps on your products page:
1. In the Actions dropdown select ‘edit details’
2. Product Merchandising
3. Change Options
4. Attribution.
On any new products you publish, after selecting ‘yes’ to include the feature on the product, it will appear on the design after it is published.

As a reminder, this is an optional feature that our customers can also choose to unselect!

As we prepare to make these changes, your designs will automatically be transferred over to the updated product types. These updates are meant to elevate both the designer and customer experiences around our best selling products, therefore if you experience any glitches or bumps in the road, please email or report any bugs in the tech forum.

We encourage you to explore these new features and, as always, happy designing!

Team Designer
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