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Posted: Monday, February 26, 2018 1:54:07 PM
Raluca Adam wrote:
I am trying zazzle too, i read your comments and i am not sure i want to continue Idea

The place to start is to ask yourself what you hope to achieve - what is your goal? You may have to revisit this many times, continually asking yourself whether your goals are realistic, or whether you need to revise your expectations.

Few goals are achieved without a plan. So you have to ask not only what is the goal, but how to go about achieving it? That involves breaking things down into short-term targets, that lead up to the overall goal.

You have some cute stuff. But like we tell everyone: Titles, tags, descriptions. Describe the design in detail, and don't neglect details. If your description is too generic, chances are your tags will be, too - and that will hinder your ability to be found.

I think you have to try. Then try again. Try different things. And learn, learn, learn.

I'm an odd case, because I didn't have any particular goals, outside of seeing if anyone would pay for my works. Mission accomplished, what's next? What I learned was something more about myself - that marketing is definitely just not my thing. So I revised my expectations, and tried to figure out what I want from the experience of 'Zazzling'.

It may be cliche, but I think a lot of the answers that people seek are ultimately about something else. What's behind "how much will I make?" For some it's about the money, but for others it's about validation, maybe for some it's about trying to connect ourselves, through our work, with others - even if that connection is just through the act of appreciating our work enough to buy it.

Don't get me wrong - I like to make money. I just see it as something more than that. And maybe that's why not selling can be a bit painful, can feel like rejection.

I think you'll do well, if you develop realistic goals, and figure out how to tackle the work that stands between you and their achievement.
Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 2:36:06 AM
Future_Designs wrote:
I earned $ 2.81in last 3 years.Stick out tongue

One way you can increase your store sales is by being more descriptive in your title, description and tags. This is something I had to learn in order to increase my sales.

For example your tote bag below is a beautiful design, however your title, description and tags do not describe how it looks. This will make your tote bag very hard to find in the Zazzle marketplace or by the search engines. This is your tote bag: And this is how you can edit your title, description and tags in order to pull in more customers

Title: "Beautiful Tropical Palm Trees"
Description: "This tote bag features a lovely photo of beautiful tropical palm trees. Great for the beach, picnic, or outing with your family. Design yours today!"
Tags: "palm trees" "palm tree photo" "palm tree picture" "beautiful palm trees" "beautiful green palm trees" "green palm trees" "tropical palm trees" "tropical designs" "tropical designs with palm trees" "palm tree designs" You have to make sure all of your products are described thoroughly in order to gain more sales.
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