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Posted: Monday, May 07, 2018 7:25:42 AM
RoyK_is_a_She wrote:
RGebbiePhoto wrote:
RoyK_is_a_She wrote:
Shelli Fitzpatrick wrote:
as long as the less competitive keywords are actually being searched that will work... It would be nice to know what people are searching for. I fear that most shoppers use common keywords like colors and style...

ie: looking for blue cat designs they probably enter "blue cat designs"

not ideal keywords for us... I have tried the the uncommon tags and can't really tell if that helps or not.

Less common vs. less competitive -

- blue cat, 2 million searches/day, common, competitive
- blue kitten, 1 million searches/day, common, less competitive
- blue feline, 500,000 searches/day, less common, less competitive
- blue Felis catus, 10 searches/day, uncommon, not competitive

I think that's what Juderm is trying to get at. All those numbers are made up, by the way. Not sure I would use "feline," but as an example, at 500,000 searches/day, that's plenty to get sales, if we rank high enough.

Keyword research is important, and I don't do enough of it. If I was just starting out, I think I'd reverse my process - think of things to design, do research, then design based on research. Instead, I pretty much decided what I wanted to design, and now I'm backing into keywords in some cases.

This is great and all, but if I want a blue cat wearing a sombrero and playing a banjo, that's what I'm typing in the search bar.

If I'm looking for invitations with yellow flowers, I'm looking up yellow flowers.

If I'm looking for a SPECIFIC strain of flower, I might type in the botanical name, but only if searching specific. Otherwise I want the prettiest yellow-ish flower with the text elements I need.

Which is all fine and one way to do it. But if I'm going to be on page 16 of results with "blue cat" in 2 million searches and page 2 with "blue kitten" in 1 million, I'll take the latter. Little fish, big pond; big fish, little pond. Different strategies.

For those designs appearing on page 1 with short tags, high sales, presumably, got them that placement. But was it tags or promotions outside of Z or a combination or something else that got them those sales? We don't know.

I don't argue your reasoning for using kitten over cat.

I'm just saying, don't forget to use cat, also.

I still will look for a cat, first. If it's not cute enough, I may look up kitten. But it's a cat, in my head, first.

Super Spectacular Specific Dynamic keywording only works if others use those words, too. If they don't, then they'll never pick up your listing.
Posted: Wednesday, January 09, 2019 11:39:39 AM
Andrew Michael wrote:
Well the good news is after 1 week on Zazzle I got two sales. The bad news is that they only earned me 11 cents each for two postcards.

I don't understand why it is so low as the advertised price per card is $1-20 and I have my rate set to 25%.

EDIT: I figured it out. It is because of this:

$0.60 (50% off) with code SPRINGZSAVEZ

Congrats on your sale! It is exciting. Don't let the low royalty discourage you. Instead, let the sales encourage you to continue adding quality designs and products to your store. Also, remember postcards and (non-wedding) stationary are "low ticket items". They tend to sell easily but don't bring in a whole lot of $. Consider offering medium and high ticket items too. Do your research and learn what sells in your niche.

Keep up the good work!
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