Hope this isn't happening to you
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 9:33:52 PM
I am sharing this because a friend is seeing this with her payments.

So we thought we were finally stablized. Then in September, Social Security gave me an extra $300. We didn't use it. Then in October, they reduced my payment by $300. This repeated in November and December. We called Social Security, and they said "We are just doing what Medicaid is telling us to do." I get letters one or more times a month saying, Medicaid is paying your Medicare premium. Then no they are not. The first of January, they took $300 but hadn't given me any extra. We tried responding by writing more but got sick. So I called them 1/13. The person I got this time said, "What are they doing?!" She went and had someone else look at it.

Okay, so in 12/18, they add aged based SSI to my Social Security to bring it up to $700. Took it early because of my mother. When the SSI was added, Medicaid was to pay the Medicare premium. I didn't ask for any of this. Apparently Medicaid has been paying it but they have been taking from me also. The person that I talked to sent a message to my local office telling them to fix it. She said they have 20 days but I expected a quick resolution. So far nothing. I hope they fix it in the next couple days because that $300 is a big reduction.

Anyhow, the 14th, the day after I called this appeared on the news.


I hope this is Ohio only, but if you are seeing changes in your Social Security, have it checked before it causes you issues. Another bad part is that it snowballed. We reconnected with friends from childhood -- first grade to high school. We lived next to them -- three sisters in one family and four sisters in the other and the two families are cousins. Elizabeth and I know that we have been injured by a lot of things so we tried to not react but we couldn't help it. I announced today that I was deleting my FB page. One of them said she was enjoying reading but memories and that I should just unfriend the people who upset me. I told her that the people, who think Elizabeth and I have no value upset me and my FB is gone.

I hope this isn't happening to any of you and that Social Security fixes mine in the next two days.

Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 4:18:22 PM
So sorry. I know people who rely on ss to survive and it is so difficult.
Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 6:28:37 PM
We're making it. Moving in with a friend for a week until the correction and our regular payment comes through. However, others are more financially fragile and less able to compensate. I think somebody should lose their job for it still to be an issue after a year. I have to wonder if it is only in Ohio.
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020 5:17:06 AM
As someone on SSD and SSI I can sympathize with you. Having had to deal with them multiple times over the years over "money" issues, they are a joy to deal with and some of the "rules" are absolutely asinine.......
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020 6:05:24 AM
Dealing with SS and Medicare was, for me, all but a nightmare, and in the end, I had to give up. It's one of the many government bureaucracies I utterly loathe.
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020 6:30:51 AM
I am glad you are getting it taken care of. Sorry you are having to deal with so much right now.
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020 8:56:44 AM
Thank you. Reducing our housing expenses will make whatever they do less important.
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