Art Cards: Should I Make Plain and Personalized Versions?
Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2019 7:28:42 AM
Hi there.
A lot of the products that I make, such as folded greeting cards are focused on the art image such as "art cards" with art done by famous artists who died over 100 years ago.
Most of my sales are for art themed products that are not customizable / personalized.
I'm wondering if I should therefore make two versions of the exact same products [same exact art image]; one that has a customization / personalization template and one that does not? For example: VanGogh Starry Night postcard with customize / personalize template and one without?
Or will most potential Zazzle buyers know that if they don't want text they can easily remove it? Some potential buyers who are unfamiliar with Zazzle and who find a product of mine via Google search might not realize that they can remove text from a given product.
For now I am noting in the description that the text "can be removed altogether."
Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2019 7:48:59 AM
When setting up the text template, you can replace, for example, "Text 1" with something like, "Keep as is, change, or delete." Mind you, this is in the upper box, not the one beneath it that says "text1". (No uppercase and no spaces.)
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