W-8BEN form rejected yet again, UK resident
Posted: Saturday, January 6, 2018 4:33:54 AM
Hi all

I was hoping someone could help me out with some advice please?

I've had my tax form (I'm a UK citizen) rejected yet again by Zazzle. This time a standard reply with unhelpful links claiming I haven't filled out part 2 correctly.

I followed Louie Gee's helpful advice in an older thread but Zazzle are still rejecting it, though I'm sure I've included all they need -

1) The relevant UK treaty section is 12/1, claiming the 0% witholding tax.
2) That I'm claiming royalties as a designer.
3) That I'm a UK resident paying tax in the UK.

Every reply from customer service claims a different thing is wrong each time. Any suggestions on the wording would be most welcome. I'll try and include a screen grab of that part of my form.

Many thanks in advance for your replies. This is really frustrating.

Posted: Saturday, January 6, 2018 7:16:05 PM
You need to state that they are copyright royalties for artwork
Posted: Sunday, January 7, 2018 3:54:11 AM
Thanks for the reply, Waterart.

I worded that section (after stating I qualified under section 12/1 for 0% tax witholding) as "royalties for artistic works" which I hoped would cover it. Then put "beneficial owner is resident in the UK and pays tax in the UK" for section below that asks you to explain the additional conditions as to why you qualify for the 0% withholding rate.

Should I have elaborated there maybe?
I really don't get what else I could say to be clearer to them.
Posted: Monday, January 8, 2018 12:59:26 PM
I'm not sure, I'm in Canada and the "reason" a beneficial owner meets the terms depends on the country you are in. You do however need to state "copyright royalties" in type of income. When giving your "reason" for meeting the terms add that the royalties are for the use of artistic work.

The new forms require a paragraph reference number in addition to the article number. I think it's 1 for the UK (got the info from http://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/about/taxforms.html)

Posted: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 10:35:05 AM
Thanks Waterart.
I'll try some re-wording on the reasons etc and see how that works.
Posted: Monday, January 15, 2018 6:33:56 PM
So... the ITIN is actually NOT required? Because that's one heck of an annoying form that I thought had to be dealt with first. I am in Canada, I can just download and submit the most recent W8-BEN and be ok?
Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 7:40:03 AM
Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 10:29:28 AM
Thank you! I was just concerned because that post was dated 2015 so thought it might not be current. Then again, nothing moves fast in tax land! Grin

W8-BEN will be sent!
Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2018 3:33:51 PM
Hi guys

I've been told by customer service that my form has now been forwarded to the finance team, so I guess that means it's been accepted now.
For future queries from anyone completing this, the wording I used in part 2 question 10 was -
"Royalties" for specify type of income and
"artistic works sold via the Zazzle online webstore on a range of goods" for explaining the additional conditions that the beneficial owner meets to be eligible etc.
Apparently this is where you need to state what you actually do to earn the royalties. A customer service spokesman explained 'What you submit or what your doing for Zazzle would be an additional condition to why you meet the treaty.'

I feel a bit more explanation in the Zazzle guidelines as what we as designers should write here would be helpful, although I appreciate they can't offer tax advice, obviously, and your treaty details may vary, depending on what country you are in.

I left the US taxpayer ITIN number section blank but entered in the foreign tax identifying number my British national insurance number, which a friend confirmed was accepted on his W-8BEN (he claims music royalties from the US).

Hope that helps.
Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018 8:33:41 AM
I've just read all the advice. Do you have to put anything special in the email subject line when sending it back to Zazzle? Or save the document as any particular name? Thanks.
Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018 9:22:05 AM
Nope, just make sure you mention the account its for. Grin
Posted: Sunday, August 18, 2019 3:04:54 AM
Thanks, I will try again with filling out this form. It's very confusing
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