How to keep MY products the way I want
Posted: Friday, June 28, 2019 1:24:22 PM
I probably won't explain this well....absolute pounding headache on top of the headache I already had after trying do deal with this.

I remember the headache I got having to change all my greeting cards back to semi-gloss from matte when Zazzle decided that was better. I vaguely remember something with greeting cards and Zazzle making no envelopes the default. I thought that was fixed somehow but I just sold 8 Christmas cards without. It's one of my best selling, created 7/20/07 (way before they jettisoned envelopes) and has sold 657 times. I've changed it, after checking to see that really was the default and multiple attempts because it wanted to change to note card size whenever I tried. I can't imagine how upset someone will be to receive cards with no envelopes, but am also wondering if there's a way to check all my cards without doing it one by one?

My eye doctor has been telling me I have sparkling migraines to which I've always said 'nope....the sparkling and flashing lights but no migraine'. I think I'm getting one



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