can't access store anymore
Posted: Friday, September 06, 2019 1:09:38 AM
Hello, I created my store yesterday, and uploaded about 20 products or so (stickers and postcards from my drawings), and after I added categories, an avatar, a banner, I can't access my site anymore. My account tells me I don't have a site…
Help ?

I found it ! It's not under the name I chose at first, i changed it yesterday and I guess the change just took effect.
Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2019 10:58:24 AM
Glad you found it. Your illustrations are beautiful, btw.
Posted: Monday, September 09, 2019 2:42:15 PM
Oh WoW I love your doggy art!! Love Love Love

Could I maybe make a suggestion tho? (no need to take it if you don't want to)....

But if you download a cheap or free art program you could erase the white spaces around the dog art for the di-cut stickers and save them as a PNG file so that the sticker is actually cut out in the shape of the dog.

I have been using a art program called Fire Alpaca, its free to download and use and is very similar to photoshop (although maybe a bit more basic)
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