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Posted: Monday, September 2, 2019 6:25:19 AM
I know enough about how the products work and look to not have to click to the actually page. Yes, there are exceptions (cards and invitations, but I was already clicking through to those).

Since I'm designing my own stuff, promoting others, (and working a regular job), I prefer not to have to click through. It's the monotony of opening new tabs, waiting for it to load, scrolling down, clicking the link, waiting for the pop up that draining.

I would prefer the share button over the add to collection button that is currently there. As a promoter I don't add to collections -- because I'm kinda in it for the referral.

Side note: To me where the collection button and heart are and how the appear it a bit ugly. The white with the drop shadow it off-putting (and a wee out of date IMO). There I said it.

Now, as a designer when someone clicks through, yes it give see a "see" which give the product a reprieve from hidden jail. It also lets me see what people are at least looking at, which help me in designing and retooling.
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