Template image captions in mobile phone view cut to a few characters, lack of descriptive info
Posted: Friday, February 07, 2020 10:02:49 AM
When I create templates, I try to lead the customers through the form with descriptive captions both on text fields and images, adding information that helps them to correctly fill in the text fields and to upload best fitting imagery (e.g. at appropriate sizes and ratio).

This works well on desktops, where the whole text field and image caption is shown (except for the split of text and images in two separate blocks, what makes it impossible to order the template content logically - a separate issue I addressed time ago in previous feedback).

In (phone) mobile view, though, changing template images can become a challenge. While the text field captions are correctly shown in their whole, the image captions are cut to a few characters. Not only, the customers have no helpful information I provided them within the caption (e.g. min./optimal image size), they have, due to the lack of a descriptive caption, also to work almost blindly, not seeing at first sight, what image they are actually replacing. This may not be an issue on templates with one or two images, but when there are a bunch to replace, such on blankets or calendars (or two-sided products), it gets confusing pretty quickly.

Check it out by yourself on that pillow design and compare the mobile ("xs" phone) view with the medium/tablet and desktop one. This is also a great example in regard to the lack of a logical order of text fields and imagery split in 2 blocks. 4 images + photo captions on front, 4 on back, plus extra stuff. Play around and you'll see what my concerns are in both cases (display order + cut captions on phones):

Sorry for the headache on a Friday, no hurry, enjoy your weekend first. Thank you for your patience and consideration, as always. Cheers!

Posted: Friday, February 07, 2020 12:52:27 PM
I will pass the suggestion along, but I'm also going to mention that people don't like to read. So if a customer opens one of your products and sees a gigantic wall of text they might be a little turned off.

But maybe you've sold a ton of products for this exact reason, and perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just a minion at Z headquarters.

I will say that we're quite busy with a few things at the moment, so if we do make any changes it probably won't be for a little while. If you feel yourself growing impatient then perhaps reach out to Tim Apple and ask him to invent a bigger iPhone.
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