Staying current with under-performing products
Posted: Friday, January 11, 2019 1:42:28 AM
In order to keep current it only takes a another filter view of "reverse last viewed" since anything longer than 13 month is marked red and 15 month gets hidden but since it is a bad idea to let it get that far, it makes sense to keep current with those marked red.

The option is already available by simply calling up the "last view date" and add &sd=asc in the browser address field. I bookmarked this address, however it isn't widely known and as such I suggest to add this to the select choice so it becomes more obvious and staying on top of this issue is more accessible.

This and Dementees suggestion/request made in the other thread

Dementees wrote:
I would just like to see a single page showing shop stats with the number of products hidden and a direct link to those products. Would save a lot of time going from shop to shop.

Also like to see a moratorium from hiding products during the holiday season since that's often when a lot of non-sellers are finally purchased.

would be very helpful.
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