Pinterest Pin Question for Zazzle
Posted: Friday, September 6, 2019 5:29:18 AM
I was looking at your Pinterest Account today and came across your Promotion Pins Board. On that board I found this pin:

I almost saved it to my Having a Baby Shower Board, and then paused. What I really wanted to do was save your pin image and then create my own pin, using your image, but then add my rf code.

I paused again. I don't know that that is OK to do?

I looked around Zazzles Promotion tools and there are no pin images for us to use...

So now I'm here.

The question is can I do as described above?

The suggestion would be to allow us to promote those pins using our rf codes. We would have to be able to do it from Zazzle. You would need a new page or page section for Zazzle Pins for us to promote. It would look like a Pinteres Board but we would have the share option for each pin image. The pin can link to where Zazzle wants it to go, but we get to add our rf codes.

Looking forward to your answers.



PS - I note a distinct lack of pacifiers and baby products in general on your pinterest board. It makes me sad. Feel free to add any of my products to help reach an audience your missing (lol... shameless self promotion... lol) Cheers!
Posted: Friday, September 6, 2019 8:58:23 AM
It would be nice to have it under the associate banner area. It's way nicer (sorry Z) than the banners that are there.

I'll add that there need to be a greater choice in sizes too.
Posted: Friday, September 6, 2019 9:39:27 AM
It would be quicker to use the new zCreate tool, imho. Only being able to allow use of the middle section, and allow us to fill in with the other pics top and bottom would be nice. And, to me, that's a deal when you consider that if we're logged in, it could automatically obtain our rf#, and look professional at the same time. Plus gain more customers who wouldn't have normally clicked on a single promoted product...esp those who've never shopped on Zazzle before.

*Seems to me also, that these sorts of promotional templates would be accessed by only those who would be able to or signed up for the affiliate or associate system.

Another question, after digging, is whether we could use the "shop & create with Zazzle" associate's banner that's already there, within our zCreate custom templates??

If so, that might be the way to do it. But IDK yet...

ETA: The way to post the pin would be to download the creation, and to use Pinterest's "+" button inside the board you want at the upper right corner. From there, add your product link with your RF# and tracking code.
Also, the best Pin template size is 2x3", I think. And you can set a template up in zCreate for that already.
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