Happy Customer, great postcard prints, please work on better previews now
Posted: Thursday, February 07, 2019 2:01:46 PM
Just got feedback + photo from a customer who bought a bunch of postcards. Good news, very happy customer and happy designer (me), too. The postcards were printed perfectly, vivid and with intense colors, practically identical to my original work (RGB). Thank you for that great quality work!

What you really shall do now, is providing more vivid and appealing preview pictures that depict approximately the printed end results and let our designs shine. Too many previews/mockups are grey-ish, "dead", washed out, and some (too much) are absolutely awful. No way, the prints will look as bad as depicted on some previews (blankets, Uncommon cases, some paperware/cards, duvets, scarves and much more). Forget the textures and fancy, artificially de-saturated (trendy?) mockups. For the sake of more appealing product views and sales. Please.

Here's a comparison between designer view, preview (new announcement postcard) and real print. The preview on the announcement postcards isn't as bad as many other (newer) ones, but the difference is visible. You really need to enhance the mockups, they're sub-par. Thanks!

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