Fonts for 5 by 7 folded vertical cards
Posted: Friday, January 31, 2020 12:37:49 PM

Question1: What size font would you use for the inside of a 5 by 7 vertical, folded card? The system came up 40 automatically, which sounds to be more appropriate for the outside, rather than inside. I started using Roboto Light 17 inch font size. Now the system automatically brings up 25 for the inside of the card, but I stayed with the 17. I wonder if I should have.

Question2: What would you use for 5 by 7 horizontal? Most of my 5 by 7 horizontals have one line in them. For that I use a larger size because I use script. Script fonts seem to look fine even if the font is slightly too big. But print fonts don't seem to be okay when the font is too big inside a card.

Question3: Do you tend to stay with the font size the automatically comes up or use your own judgement when it comes to the inside and outside of greeting cards?

Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate everyone's time.
Posted: Friday, January 31, 2020 1:48:13 PM
I rarely use the automatic size because, most times, it's far too large. However, those automatic sizes don't seem to be suggestions at all. Rather, they're a percentage of available space. Also, they don't at all take into account the vast variety in the size of a fonts or their weight. You should judge by what you see and ignore the default size unless it's surprisingly good.

The font you use, its size, and its position is for you to judge. How does it look? How readable is it? Is it well balanced within the space?
Posted: Friday, January 31, 2020 3:21:01 PM
Thank you.
Posted: Friday, January 31, 2020 3:38:56 PM
I think it always defaults to the last font and size that you used - or if you're on another font layer in the stack, it defaults to whatever settings were use there. So I certainly wouldn't take the defaults as any sort of a guide. I agree with Colorwash, just choose a size that looks readable and not overwhelming one way or another.
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